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Xamarin: 2018 Hot Topics

Xamarin: 2018 Hot Topics A new year is just beginning but .net mobile development is moving very fast and a tons of new features & tools are being created or updated, next I'll list only a few new things that will help to improve your .net mobile skills.

1. Visual Studio App Center (https://appcenter.ms)

App Center (formerly Azure Mobile Center) is CI platform that allow you build, test, release and monitor your apps in a very fast and friendly way, currently the platform supports Swift, Obj-C, Java, Xamarin & React Native also you can start with the free tier and pay as your app grows. As part of the platform you’ll able to use the next 6 features. - Build Allow to use common Git services like VSTS, GitHub & Bitbucket to create automated build based on push triggers or manual build tasks also you’re able to configure custom build scripts, environment variables, Custom signing certificates, distribute and testing taks. - Test This feature allows you to configure test runs…