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Xamarin.Forms 4 In Action: Rapid Prototyping

Hello as part of the #XamarinUIJuly I want to share with you a few tips that can help you to quickly create beautiful prototypes.

As a Google services fan I will inspire in the Google Play Music app to create our Xamarin.Forms prototype.

As part of the Xamarin.Forms 4 we get the brand new an stable version of Xamarin.Forms Shell a new and powerful way to create cross platform applications, and starting on Visual Studio 2019 / Visual Studio for Mac 8.0 we have a Forms Shell template allowing devs to have a boilerplate code to start working with it and you can create it by following the next steps:

You'll noticed that the solution is almost the same as a normal Xamarin.Forms app but we have now the "AppShell.xaml" and "AppShell.xaml.cs" files those files contains the main logic and structure for our Xamarin.Forms Shell App.

Now lets take a look to the XAML code I divide it in 4 sections for our prototype

Shell style definitionFlyout HeaderFlyout Items and Item Te…