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My Favorite Xamarin 4 Feature

My Favorite Xamarin 4 Feature

The last week Xamarin introduce his latest new bundle tools version wich include a lot of improvements for the platforms and bran new amazing tools like Xamarin Inspector and Xamarin UI Test Recorder.

Is hard for me only select one Xamarin 4 Feature, so I decided to create an app "Score App" to explore all this new features and select my favorite one, so lets started with the features "less talk, more code".

Xamarin.Forms 2.0

Android Material Design Support I love material design, I love fab (Floating Action Button) and all those beauty colors let me show you this on action:

Looks beauty no, let me tell you that you can implement it in a simple 3 steps
1 Use the FormsAppCompatActivity. 2 Setting up the toolbar and tabs resource. 3 Adding a beauty Android theme you.

ListView New Catching Strategy On of the weaknesses of Xamarin.Forms is the performance of a complex listview cells but with this new feature now you can use the RecycleElement…