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Xamarin.Forms + Facebook

Hoy tuve oportunidad de dar una charla de Xamarin.Forms + Facebook junto con Guillermo Tinoco (m3mo89) se las dejo a continuación pueden acceder al código de la practica en mi Github https://github.com/AlejandroRuiz/XamarinFormsFacebook cualquier comentario que puedan dejar se les agradecería al igual de temas en especifico que quieran que toquemos


Xamarin forms + Facebook from Alejandro Ruiz Varela

AHBottomNavigation for Xamarin.Android

I really love material design all those colors an awesome controls which really makes Android an amazing OS in nowadays.

A few months ago I created a transcription to C# from a one of this gorgeous controls which is the Bottom Navigation this component allows you have a pretty bottom tabs navigation, you can see the details of it here https://material.google.com/components/bottom-navigation.html

with a few lines of code you're able to put this kind of tabs in you're Xamarin.Android App

This is a really basic implementation for a powerful component
XML Impl.
Code Behind Impl.

if you want to get the full control code you can find it on my GitHub:


Xamarin Dev Days - Chiapas

El pasado 29 de octubre tuve la oportunidad de compartir platicas junto a dos grandes Devs Hector Perez @hprez y Humberto Jaimes @HJaimesDev en las instalaciones del Instituto Tecnológico de Tuxtla Gutierrez, les dejo los slides a la platica que impartí la cual fue "Connected & Disconnected Apps With Azure Mobile Apps"

Connected & Disconnected Apps With Azure Mobile Apps from Alejandro Ruiz Varela
Ha sido una experiencia muy gratificante poder compartir nuestras experiencia de desarrollo y conocimientos a los casi 100 asistentes de diferentes comunidades y niveles de expertise en desarrollo.

Hector Perez @hprez - "Introducción a Xamarin"

Humberto Jaimes @HJaimesDev - "Xamarin.Forms"

Alejandro Ruiz @alejandroruizva - "Connected & Disconnected Apps With Azure Mobile Apps"

Alejandro Ruiz @alejandroruizva - Hector Perez @hprez - Humberto Jaimes @HJaimesDev


Fix for INSTALL_FAILED_DEXOPT for Android on Xamarin Studio Mac

Note: This fix will work only for PCL Xamarin Forms Projects

refer to this pages to see the issue



the fix is pretty easy:

1- remove this next 3 libs(and his dependencies)** from your Android project

Microsoft.Net.Http Microsoft.Bcl Microsoft.Bcl.Build

2- Add System.Net.Http reference Manually via "References/All/System.Net.Http"

now you're able to debug your app even using Shared Mono Runtime / Fast Assembly Development

**It suppose that Microsoft.Bcl, Bcl.Build and Microsoft.Net.Http and his dependencies are no mandatory to have it into you Android App Project it will work by adding them only for your PCL

if you have any doubt dont forget that you can contact me by email on alejandro@alejandroruizvarela.com

4th Round: Get immersed into the Xamarin Development pt. 3 - "Cycle 8, Android Nougat & iOS 10" for Monkeys

Hey all we have a Meetup the past Oct 13 and we introduce a lot of good new stuff for new Xamarin Cycle 8, Android 7 & iOS in this time I present a talk called "Cycle 8, Android Nougat & iOS 10" for Monkeys which includes all this new amazing and good stuff ill attached the video of the session(in Spanish) and the slides here (in English)


"Cycle 8, Android Nougat & iOS 10" for Monkeys from Alejandro Ruiz Varela


Fix for Xamarin.Android Binding: missing class error was raised while reflecting

Fix for Xamarin.Android Binding: missing class error was raised while reflecting
Since latest version of Xamarin.Android was released it force to use Java 8 for Xamarin.Android projects which introduced a new issue on some binding libraries while doing some internal reflection things this is solved very easy by adding the next node into your binding .csproj file
    <JavaOptions>$(JavaOptions) -noverify </JavaOptions>

Xamarin.Forms: Add Credit/Debit Card Reader to you App with PayPal.Forms

Xamarin.Forms: Add Credit/Debit Card Reader to you App with PayPal.Forms

Hello today I'll show how easily is to add a card scanner into your Xamarin.Forms(Android, iOS) app with only a few lines of code using the PayPal.Forms Library.

First at all we need to add PayPal.Forms to all of your projects(Android, iOS and PCL-Forms) by searching for "PayPal.Forms" in nuget packages manager or running next command on a nuget packages console "Install-Package PayPal.Forms"

Second on our Android app we need to add a few lines of code for permissions and features inside our "AndroidManifest.xml"

VERY IMPORTANT FOR IOS 10 IF YOU WANT TO USE THE CAMERA FEATURES Add "NSCameraUsageDescription" into you Info.plist file. <key>NSCameraUsageDescription</key> <string>We will use your camera to scan the credit card</string>
After this now we're able to configure PayPal.Forms init calls inside our MainActivity.cs(Android) and AppDelega…

Xamarin Forms: FloatingTextEntry Control

This is a very beautiful extended Entry control for Xamarin.Forms that allows devs display TextInputLayout(Material Design)-like

this is the control usage and setup:

And the result is the next:

Download the code source from here:

Xamarin Forms: StatesButton Control

The default Button from Xamarin.Forms don't allow to set the states image resources for it, that is the reason that i decided to create a new button trying to keep all default button properties/methods/handlers with the three common states (normal, pressed and disable), the usage is very simple:

And the result is the next

Full Code Project:

Nuget Package:

Xamarin.Forms: Get native image from ImageSource

Sometimes we need to implement images in our custom renderers and as a first solution most of developers take the decision to use a string property but for me is not the better and standard way to manage image resources on Xamarin.Forms, in this blog we will take a look to a helper class that help us to manage images resource on your Xamairn.Forms renderers using a IImageSourceHandler.

There are three IImageSourceHandler helper classes:
1. ImageLoaderSourceHandler: Handle the Uri resources
2. FileImageSourceHandler: Handle the local/embed resources
3. StreamImagesourceHandler: Handle the stream image resources

The first that we need is to check what kind of source have your ImageSource property using the next code

after this, with the returned IImageSourceHandler you can call the LoadImageAsync and passing the source that you want to be native and this method will be return for you an UIImage for iOS or a Bitmap for Android

Real World Example: "HeartBeatView" Control
Now we…