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ASP.NET Core Identity with Cosmos DB (MongoDB) Part2: ASP.NET Core Code

Hello and welcome back to this tutorial if you remember in the part 1: "ASP.NET Core Identity with Cosmos DB (MongoDB) Part1: Database Configuration" we configured our database services local and remote to store our identity service now in this part we will configure a simple Identity service with 3 endpoints.
RegisterLoginRetrieve User Data
ASP.NET Core is the evolution of Microsoft ASP.NET framework as a key feature is that it runs under the .NET Core which is  cross-platform, high-performance & open source development platform that mixed with ASP.NET Core allow developers to build cloud modern applications.

In this tutorial we will use the latests stable ASP.NET Core 2.1 using Visual Studio for Mac you can either use Visual Studio for Mac, Visual Studio for Windows, Visual Studio Code or compile the project using console.

Lets start creating a new ASP.NET Core Web Api following next steps:

Select .NET Core 2.1 as target framework

Set a project name

If ever…