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View MJPG Video Streaming in Xamarin.Android

View MJPG Video Streaming in Xamarin.Android

Hey today we learn how to implement a simple view over a simple binding(https://bitbucket.org/neuralassembly/simplemjpegview/overview) to show an streaming of a IP Cam (MJPEG) lets start:
First add a new Android App Project like the snapshot:

Then add an "Android Java Bindings Library":

In the binding project we add an Jar library, you can download a compiled jar from here (https://app.box.com/s/1o558pfmacy65fv07mk1)

After this you can add our binding library to Android App Project

The library uses a "libImageProc" Native Library to process video data we need to add all of this .so files (https://app.box.com/s/6fydrwwc9ac9esn0fu0o), I Recommend to add it in a new "Lib" folder

After adding the native library we need to change BuildAction for each of .so files to "AndroidNativeLibrary" 

After this configuration steps now yes now we continue with the CODE, Fuck Yeah¡¡¡

Here a simple layout implementing a…

Xamarin.Auth Custom Accounts

Xamarin.Auth Custom Account

Hey there today i will explain how do you create a custom account with Xamarin.Auth component who allows create accounts with Facebook, Twitter and OAuth logins, but sometimes we need some more for example extra information to add to account store.
Lets Start First we need create a new Xamarin.Android Project

Then we continue to downloading Xamarin.Auth Component don't be afraid ITS FREE =)

We need to create two layouts: Main.axml


Now we can code =D The first class that we code its a class who contains a static method to return IDictionary with the properties of our custom account:

public class AccountCore { public static IDictionary<string, string> Dictionary(string FName, string LName, string Age, string Email) { IDictionary<string, string> d = new Dictionary<string, string> (); d.Add ("FName",FName); d.Add ("LName", LName); d.Add ("Age",Age); d.Add ("Email",Email); re…