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Xamarin.Forms: Custom Context Actions on iOS

Xamarin.Forms: Custom Context Actions on iOS
Hello folks now is time to talk about customize context action views on Xamarin.Forms cell for iOS (yes the red/light-gray options that appear when you swipe a cell) the default colors are not a good-looking, so right now is a little bit tricky to achieve that but we will use a reflection technique to achieve the next two escenarios: Change background color for default and destructive context actionSet custom view for default and destructive context action first at all, lets take a look to native impl. on Xamarin.Forms Github project on the next url

Here we have two key items "DestructiveBackground" and "NormalBackground" both are the Images  that Xamarin.Forms use to put as background on the default ContextActions view(Gray/Red)

Not bad but sometimes we need to put some love into the …

Xamarin: 2018 Hot Topics

Xamarin: 2018 Hot Topics A new year is just beginning but .net mobile development is moving very fast and a tons of new features & tools are being created or updated, next I'll list only a few new things that will help to improve your .net mobile skills.

1. Visual Studio App Center (https://appcenter.ms)

App Center (formerly Azure Mobile Center) is CI platform that allow you build, test, release and monitor your apps in a very fast and friendly way, currently the platform supports Swift, Obj-C, Java, Xamarin & React Native also you can start with the free tier and pay as your app grows. As part of the platform you’ll able to use the next 6 features. - Build Allow to use common Git services like VSTS, GitHub & Bitbucket to create automated build based on push triggers or manual build tasks also you’re able to configure custom build scripts, environment variables, Custom signing certificates, distribute and testing taks. - Test This feature allows you to configure test runs…